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Towards a New SusChem SIRA Workshop

SusChem has already started its dialogue and consultation with SusChem Stakeholders on the revision of technology priorities covered under the SusChem Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA). The new SusChem SIRA will reflect the strategy and role of Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Biotech technologies in boosting innovation in Europe and tackling global challenges, in the context of Horizon Europe. 

In the process of launching the new SIRA by November 2019, technology priorities are being collected along the three main pillars of SusChem, focusing on Materials, Processes and enabling Digital technologies but also a number of Horizontal topics.  This SusChem SIRA-dedicated workshop will take place on 16-17 May 2019, in Brussels, with the aim of bringing together members of the SusChem Board, the SusChem NTPs and the SIRA WGs experts in a working meeting. The event will be one of the final peer review steps and the attempt to fill any remaining gaps, prior to finalizing the technology content of the SusChem SIRA.

DAY 1 – 16 May 2019

Four sessions will be covered on the first day, focusing on cross-fertilization topics of high relevance for SusChem: Circular Economy, Process Intensification, Sustainability Assessment Innovation, and Safe-Chemicals-by-design innovation. All topics have strong links with technologies to be covered under the SusChem SIRA.  The aim is therefore to involve experts from different technical fields to address these topics (Materials, Process and Digital experts; multi-KETs approach). The subtopics to be addressed in each session and the presenters/moderators to be announced in due time before the workshop.

DAY 2 – 17 May 2019

The second day will begin with an update given by rapporteurs from the first workshop day. This will be followed by a panel discussion between the SusChem Board Champions on Strategic Research priorities on Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Biotech, considering the transition to Horizon Europe. Together with the SusChem Board Champions, three parallel sessions will follow to cover gaps and prioritization on topics under Materials, Processes and enabling Digital tecnologies, as defined after the earlier stakeholder consultations. 

Please find the draft agenda here. 


* Registration closes on 10/05/2019

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