The Chemical Industry needs carbon. Can CO2 supply?


The Chemical Industry needs carbon. Can CO2 supply?

The chemical industry needs carbon, but where we get it from is important for sustainability. Carbon dioxide (CO2) could be a viable feedstock for the sector. However, an appropriate regulatory framework and financial support will be required to realise the full potential of CO2 as an alternative carbon source. That was the message from Cefic Innovation Manager, Sophie Wilmet, to the 17th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (ICCDU 2019) held in Aachen from 23 – 27 June.

CO2 utilisation is moving steadily from research to industrial application. The Aachen conference brought together expert perspectives from industry, science and policymakers to assess the status of technologies, current and potential business models, and the supporting regulatory environment.

Wilmet’s presentation focused on the valorisation of CO2 and specifically the prospects and challenges for the chemical industry in a changing world. The use of CO2 as a chemical feedstock has been demonstrated for a wide range of processes with many already at commercial scale. The chemical industry has a clear role as a technology provider for CO2 valorisation in terms of ensuring efficient capture and purification of CO2 waste streams and in providing advanced CO2 conversion technologies.

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