Cefic publishes mid-century vision for sustainable Europe


Cefic publishes mid-century vision for sustainable Europe

Cefic has just published a report outlining a plausible path toward a prosperous, more sustainable Europe in the year 2050. The ‘Molecule Managers: A journey into the Future of Europe with the European Chemical Industry’ document outlines a vision of the chemical industry as a central enabler of this transition and issues an invitation to discuss the urgent decisions required to achieve a world that is cleaner, healthier and more inclusive, where the transition to climate neutrality has been socially fair, and in which Europe maintains its global relevance.

Cefic believes that the chemical industry can thrive as it helps Europe define its global advantage in a rapidly changing international landscape, by doing things ‘the European way’. This means inspiring innovation to enable circular business models, to lead on sustainability and to be at the forefront of developing and deploying new sustainable technologies. It also means integrating more closely with sectors outside the chemical industry and expanding beyond internationally. And it means to be seen by customers and consumers as leading the way.

The chemical industry can play an important role as the producer of the building blocks on which modern society is built and be a crucial solution provider for a fully circular and carbon neutral society. This is a vision that SusChem clearly supports and is already working to achieve.

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