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Seeking pathways to produce C3/C4 saturated hydrocarbons (LPG) from sustainable feedstocks with high yields



Seeking pathways to produce C3/C4 saturated hydrocarbons (LPG) from sustainable feedstocks with high yields

SHV Energy is looking for pathways that can produce saturated C3/C4 hydrocarbons (LPG - propane and/or butane/iso-butane) from sustainable feedstocks with yields that could ultimately be scaled to make production commercially viable. The saturated C3/C4 hydrocarbon may be a co-product with other similarly valuable components.

Technical requirements

The specific type of 'Abundant Feedstocks' will be indigenous to a particular geography, but could include:

  • Agricultural residues (e.g., corn stover)
  • Algae
  • Dedicated energy crops (e.g., switchgrass, miscanthus, energy cane, sweet sorghum, high biomass sorghum, hybrid poplars, and shrub willows)
  • Forestry residues (e.g., logging residues and forest thinning)
  • Waste streams and re-useable carbon sources (e.g., the non-recyclable organic portion of municipal solid waste, biosolids, sludges, waste food, plastics, CO2, industrial waste gases, and manure slurries).

However, they should also be ideally available as a point source and the following factors will also influence their being classified as abundant:

  • Supply chains
  • Harvest and collection
  • Storage
  • Transport and handling
  • Pre-processing

Vegetable (and used cooking oils) are well established, 1st generation feedstocks for biofuel production, and we would prefer solutions which allow for greater diversity.

Award Categories

Partnership: Relevant for research intensive companies (big and small), start-ups and non-academic research organisations. Through partnership with SHV Energy you would benefit from up to €50,000 in funding, market accessibility and expertise and safety.

Research Collaboration: SHV Energy Research Collaboration Model is particularly suited to academic (University) research organisations. SHV Energy will consider to fund up to €50,000 for selected participants: whether to conduct a feasibility study; support on-going research; or enable applications for industry-focused research grants.

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