Mechanochemistry Challenge

Mission and award purpose
Deasyl and its sponsor WAB seek to drive innovation in mechanochemistry that helps the environment. By organizing a world-premiere in mechanochemistry with a green impact reactor, DEASYL and WAB have achieved a breakthrough innovation in this field.

Who can participate? Eligibility criteria
The mechanochemistry challenge is an international contest. It is open to those whose projects employ mechanochemistry to address sustainability challenges. Participants must show, through a video of up to 180 seconds: Mechanochemistry participates to a green future, prove it!

Award criteria
For the evaluation of the video of each participant, a score will be awarded by the jury. This score will be awarded based on the following criteria:
Criterion 1: Quality of the work
Criterion 2: Relevance of the work
Criterion 3: Creativity of the work
Criterion 4: Impact of the work
Criterion 5: An easy comprehension

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