Proyecto HARMONI (H2020): identificación de barreras a la innovación


Proyecto HARMONI (H2020): identificación de barreras a la innovación

Desde la Secretaria Técnica de la Plataforma Tecnológica Europea de Química Sostenible nos remiten información sobre el Proyecto HARMONI:

EU project HARMONI at identifying and analyzing non-technological barriers that hamper the deployment of available innovative solutions in the chemical industry. A questionnaire has been prepared to collect companies input; The questionnaire is designed as easy-to-use online tool and will take no longer than 30´.

The aims is bringing together all the relevant stakeholders of the process industry to jointly identify, analyse and propose solutions to the regulatory bottlenecks and standardization needs that hamper their innovation processes and the market uptake of their results.

As a result, the project will deliver recommendations on behalf of the chemical sector to policy makers towards a more adapted and innovation supportive regulation, other non-technological elements and a more rationalized and useful standardization procedures.

The Main priority areas (as defined in the granted project proposal):

     1. New standardization methodologies that facilitate continuous/modular production
     2. Reuse of different grades of wastewater for industrial purposes
     3. Reuse of different types of waste as feed for industrial production and/or energy sources
     4. Recovery of valuable materials, metals and minerals from waste
     5. LCA methodologies to allow a harmonized comparison between industries and sectors
     6. Production of advanced renewable fuels from the use of CO2 as feedstock
     7. General harmonization of the European Waste, Water and Energy policies
     8. Eliminating bottlenecks for the transferability of new technologies across European borders
     9. Eliminating bottlenecks that prevent the stimulation of investments in new technologies

Some other topics like REACH or biocides have been added in a specific section on Chemicals.

Please find below the two surveys (as google docs links):

     1. Regulation and other non-technological barriers: <<click here>>
     2. Standardisation: <<click here>>

The deadline to complete the online survey is March 19 (eob)

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